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Private Adoptions


"Private adoptions" is a term synonymous with "independent adoptions." Private adoptions are arranged without the use of an adoption agency, generally through an attorney or facilitator (where legal). According to the Encyclopedia of Adoption, "[at] least half of all healthy infant adoptions nationwide are independent adoptions." (Read more.)

In his article exploring the advantages and pitfalls of private adoptions, attorney Steven Kirsh writes, "The hallmark of a private or independent adoption is that the prospective adoptive parents take an active role in bringing about their own success. This generally involves networking, advertising, or using the Internet."

(It should be noted that in recent years, many adoption agencies have started encouraging their clients to take a more participatory role with networking and using tools such as ParentProfiles.com.)

Kirsh writes, "In most states, adopting independently is just as legal, moral, and ethical as adopting through an adoption agency. However, some states mandate that all adoptions be handled by adoption agencies, for example, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Before trying to adopt independently, the prospective adoptive parents need to be sure they understand the requirements and limitations of the laws of their home state." (See Adoption Laws.) To read the full text of Kirsh's article, click here.

The crucial point in private adoptions will be selecting your adoption professional. For guidance and suggestions, see Selecting an Adoption Professional, and to locate a professional in your area, visit the Directory of Professionals database.

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